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Young Persons Social Prescribing

“Social prescribing” for young people – by which is meant people aged 11-18 years; and up to 25 years if the person has additional needs, Involves the steps on the right.

Hartlepool’s young people’s social prescribing project is delivered by a social prescribing link worker Amelia Turner - and overseen by a steering group comprised of:

  • The PFC Trust Carl Jorgeson ( (funder of the activities budget), employing organisation for the link worker and connections with Hartlepool’s community of amateur sports clubs;




From November 2022 the link worker post will be funded by Hartlepool’s three Primary Care Networks. The initial funding that enabled the project to demonstrate efficacy was from a TEWV/HBC Covid recovery grant award.

Step 1.

Identifying young people whose lives are not working in various ways, through such as anxiety and other forms of emotional distress, social isolation, excessive worrying, low self-confidence or some combination of these. Typically, referrals come from schools, parents, social workers and young people themselves – however, there have been many other routes into the project.

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Step 2.

Building rapport with the young person to establish trust, to understand their interests and explore the current perceived barriers disabling them from living a more fulfilled life.

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Step 3.

Navigating the young person to activities & experiences that will mitigate the distress and enable more positive emotional wellbeing – with whatever degree of support and encouragement is necessary, according to individual need. 

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Step 4.

Financial support is available, if required, to facilitate a young person’s involvement in an activity. Help with transport costs is frequently necessary.

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